diy iphone 8 case

“Holy cow ! The iPhone is so expensive . I can’t even buy a new one to make my girlfriend happy.” Have you ever heard something similar with that ? Well, it is very true that buying a new phone is expensive , especially a new iPhone. Everyone is chasing iPhone even though it is expensive and people made a lot of fun of the face recognition of iPhone X.

custom iphone 8 cases

custom made iphone 8 case

custom made iphone 8 case

So instead of buying an expensive iPhone X for your girlfriend which may cause some trouble for opening it because of woman’s makeup(Haha!) ,how about DIY  iPhone cover for your girl friend. Sometimes woman will judge if you love her or not through gifts . so the gift for girlfriend seems super important . To avoid suspicion and quarrels ,I bet that there are so many guys who always have trouble and take so much time on picking gifts. Normally the more money you spend on gift , the more sincere your girlfriend will think you are. But the fact is not everyone can be as rich as the national husband–Sicong Wang. Showing your love on the base of money is not feasible. Fortunately, expense is not the only side to measure whether a gift is good or not . gifts made by yourself can always touch girls’ hearts. Girls cant see the time you spent on picking gifts ,but they can guess how hard you try to make her happy through the small DIY thing you sent to them even it may just an ugly doll.

picture iphone 8 cover

  • The best DIY gift I suggested for a gift is an iPhone cover . Whenever your girlfriend uses her phone, she will think about you.
  • It is romantic , isn’t it? But if your handicraft is really really bad , how to fix it ? Don’t worry ,there are always some custom iphone cover websites you can find. You can put some ideas on the making plan ,give them the photo of your girl friend or yourself.
  • It is a handicraft and special . If you want to find some patterns of custom iPhone cover, this website(casetify) may help you. Go and see if those can be your choice for Valentine’s Day gift!